The Importance of A Savings Account

A look at the benefits of holding business savings accounts and why a conscientious approach to choosing one is essential. In today’s business world the number of those business owners that are making their financial savings work for them is increasing. As a result, banks are offering ever more appealing banking options tied to a […]

Top Questions

Can the Foreign Business Own the US Company? If you opt to set up an LLC, then yes, your foreign business can own the US company. This is done by appointing your own foreign company as the managing member instead of an individual person. If you decide on a corporation, you must name a director, […]

Advice for Non U.S Citizens Starting A Business Venture in America

A non-U.S citizen starting a business venture in America A foreign citizen of the U.S. can start a business with the help of an E-2 treaty investor visa. An investment is said to be sufficient if it is $50,000 and enough if it is $100,000. The owner along with the members of his or her […]

Moving Abroad Checklist

Moving abroad can be daunting, so we’ve created this moving abroad checklist to help simplify the process and reduce the stress. We created our moving abroad checklist primarily for people who are considering leaving India covering everything that you need to do before you leave and when you arrive in the USA. Know your visa […]

A Look at Immigrant and Refugee Business in the USA

In recent years, immigrants have found a lot of success in American small businesses. One study found that the percentage of self-employed workers who were born abroad more than doubled from 8.6 percent in 1994 to 19.5 percent in 2015. The involvement of immigrants in the U.S. economy isn’t necessarily anything new, though. The inventor Alexander Graham […]