First Step, Start Line

First Step, Start Line

The first step getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.” – John Pierpont Morgan

Hello peeps! I’m glad you decided to look at our page before you start to open your brand new own business. This 2016, there will be a lot of chances and new opportunity awaits, so what are you waiting for? This year might be your year. Stay blessed and keep reading!

The first step is to make a plan, a business plan. Maybe you are a bit skeptical about the value of a business plan; most of you would choose to let everything flow. Well, it could be because you think that business plan making is such a waste of time. The rate of people who actually succeed in business and made the business plan are twice rate of people who didn’t make the business plan and ended up as a failure. A business plan, however, makes you think how much will you need, the vision and mission of your business, you will think about every small detailed thing. Be a conscientious person, it’s good. The money factor could also play a role in this business plan; manage your money, your income, and the outcome. So, do you think a business plan is important? It is.

Now that you already realize how important a business plan is, gather up, take your paper and write it down. Make a marketing strategy (fundamental goal of increasing sales and achieving a sustainable competitive advantage); don’t forget to also write your business description.

Always remember that, a good business plan will lead you to a new customer.

To make a marketing plan, know your market situations. Know where you are standing at. To whom are you selling your products? What are your products? Which kind of competitors you are facing right now?

After you done your business plan, heads up, chin up, look for your brand’s name and you are officially ready to start a business.

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